Do You Know What Lies Ahead?

_First, came the Wuhan virus._Second, came the Lockdowns._Third, came depressions and the suicides._Fourth, came the ‘vaccine’._Fifth, came the mandates—obey, or lose your job._Sixth, came the war in Europe. Do you wonder what comes next? No one knows. What I do know is that not one American apostle or prophet had the foreknowledge from God—of any of these worldwide history-changing developments. That’s very curiousContinue reading “Do You Know What Lies Ahead?”


Ivermectin Born-Again

Although I’m not a laboratory scientist, indulge me as I give new first-hand evidence on the use of Ivermectin by our Church family. I will only use pseudonyms. First, as I’ve previously recorded on both websites WordPress and Quora, Ivermectin is one of the most important drugs ever discovered for human use and health. Ivermectin isContinue reading “Ivermectin Born-Again”

When society forgets what it heard or saw recently

Let’s design “new organisms!”… Has society lost its short-term memory? … ► The genetic-modifying feature of the Wuhan-19 vaccine and its harmful side-effects are the best reasons why man should stay away from manipulating God’s intelligently-designed DNA codes; please! Today, taking their cues from Pfizer, Moderna et al., bio-engineers believe they have a new tool to write and editContinue reading “When society forgets what it heard or saw recently”

Which is worse, getting the Coronavirus or giving someone else the Coronavirus?

Answered Sat … Neither is worse. What is worse is getting jabbed with the unapproved vaccine — and then contracting the Coronavirus withal… Current events showed a Corona-19 outbreak in a Massachusetts county (Barnstable County) in July 2021: three quarters (74%) of cases of the Wuhan-19 virus fell in fully vaccinated people—those who had completed a 2-dose course of mRNAContinue reading “Which is worse, getting the Coronavirus or giving someone else the Coronavirus?”

An Open Letter to the Non-Vaccinated

Letter to the Non-vaccinatedGeoCalifornian, et al.August 21, 2021 ***Open Letter to the Non-vaccinatedTo those who have decided not to accept the SARS Wuhan-19 vaccine, you are not alone. Not all Americans will receive a Coronavirus vaccine. Politicians and the media have taken a contemptible view to scapegoat the non-vaccinated after months of fear-mongering and lockdowns.Continue reading “An Open Letter to the Non-Vaccinated”