Go To The Tree Of Knowledge

ONCE UPON A TIME, someone in my local Church cried out: “I need a word from God!” … I then heard a staff secretary down the hall, saying under her breath, “Read your Bible.” I couldn’t help myself… I chuckled profusely. Today it’s evident that with the ease of uploading videos to YouTube, everyone with a ‘word’ fromContinue reading “Go To The Tree Of Knowledge”


False Prophecies Bring Vain Hope

The Christian community-at-large needs remediation in order to understand what it means to speak for God… There are multitudes of ministers including everyday people, who ‘speak for God’ and they publish these prophecies and words on Youtube and elsewhere. So, I did a Bible concordance search for the words “prophesy” and “speak” … Thus saysContinue reading “False Prophecies Bring Vain Hope”