Good News: Viruses Can Be Easily Treated

The Good News:Even with the rise of mosquito-borne West Nile virus, and even with infections through Dengue, Zika and others—these viruses can easily be treated. (For those unaware of the pathway: these viruses send material into the nucleus of the infected cells in order to disable our immune response). The Bad News:Governments still work againstContinue reading “Good News: Viruses Can Be Easily Treated”


Ivermectin Born-Again

Although I’m not a laboratory scientist, indulge me as I give new first-hand evidence on the use of Ivermectin by our Church family. I will only use pseudonyms. First, as I’ve previously recorded on both websites WordPress and Quora, Ivermectin is one of the most important drugs ever discovered for human use and health. Ivermectin isContinue reading “Ivermectin Born-Again”

The Science From New Zealand Is Very Plain

Did you know? –New Zealand is an interesting real-world experiment on the effects of the vaccine…  After locking themselves out from the rest of the world and then attempting to strictly eliminate Covid as a variable, New Zealanders then commenced a mass vaccination campaign. What was learned? There was an increase in mortalities. New ZealandContinue reading “The Science From New Zealand Is Very Plain”

Allegory of Circumcision

Our Sacred Assembly in Silicon Valley, California continues to pray for friends and family who have submitted, willingly or unwillingly, to the covid vaccine, and who therefore may have to continue indefinitely in the jab regimen they are undergoing…  I want take a hypothetical spiritual license here to create an allegory on account of theContinue reading “Allegory of Circumcision”

Religious Exemptions Against Vaccinations

In our battle against authoritarian evil the deaconess and I have helped to get four family members free from the effects of the Wuhan SARS Coronavirus… We connected our sister and her husband to the national network of America’s Frontline Doctors so that they could get a prescription for a desperately needed Hydroxy-chloroquine Pack (andContinue reading “Religious Exemptions Against Vaccinations”

The Non-vaccinated Pose Zero Danger To The Vaccinated

When will the powers over society follow the Science? … And when will the powers over society finally admit these illicit medical jabs don’t work as advertised? The SARS Coronavirus “vaccines” do not prevent people from getting infected, nor do these “vaccines” prevent the transmission of the SARS Coronavirus to others; if they did, allContinue reading “The Non-vaccinated Pose Zero Danger To The Vaccinated”

The Disturbing Case For Universal Vaccinations

Let’s review current events:A deliberate, pre-meditated falsehood gave the impression that if enough human subjects take the ‘vaccine’ it would create ‘herd immunity’. However, those in charge knew that by the time the last dose of ‘vaccine’ is injected, the evolution of the Corona Virus would ensure that it would be time to start boosterContinue reading “The Disturbing Case For Universal Vaccinations”

False Prophecies Bring Vain Hope

The Christian community-at-large needs remediation in order to understand what it means to speak for God… There are multitudes of ministers including everyday people, who ‘speak for God’ and they publish these prophecies and words on Youtube and elsewhere. So, I did a Bible concordance search for the words “prophesy” and “speak” … Thus saysContinue reading “False Prophecies Bring Vain Hope”


IVERMECTIN is a godsend and a blessing to human life. My wife and I now keep it in our medicine cabinet. Most civilians don’t know, but Ivermectin was developed, primarily, to treat parasitic infections which were difficult to treat with other anti-parasitics. Contrary to the Leftmedia and other censors who suppress information for the commonContinue reading “IVERMECTIN Is A Godsend”

Homeland Security And Biden’s Corona Virus Disease Vectors

Our porous and wide-open homeland on the southern Border is still seeing unchecked migration. Hundreds of thousands of aliens arrive from many countries who may be unvaccinated and many are already infected with various diseases.  This migration of people is a vector for the contagions they already have, and in spite of this, local charityContinue reading “Homeland Security And Biden’s Corona Virus Disease Vectors”