Good News: Viruses Can Be Easily Treated

The Good News:Even with the rise of mosquito-borne West Nile virus, and even with infections through Dengue, Zika and others—these viruses can easily be treated. (For those unaware of the pathway: these viruses send material into the nucleus of the infected cells in order to disable our immune response). The Bad News:Governments still work againstContinue reading “Good News: Viruses Can Be Easily Treated”


Go To The Tree Of Knowledge

ONCE UPON A TIME, someone in my local Church cried out: “I need a word from God!” … I then heard a staff secretary down the hall, saying under her breath, “Read your Bible.” I couldn’t help myself… I chuckled profusely. Today it’s evident that with the ease of uploading videos to YouTube, everyone with a ‘word’ fromContinue reading “Go To The Tree Of Knowledge”

Do You Know What Lies Ahead?

_First, came the Wuhan virus._Second, came the Lockdowns._Third, came depressions and the suicides._Fourth, came the ‘vaccine’._Fifth, came the mandates—obey, or lose your job._Sixth, came the war in Europe. Do you wonder what comes next? No one knows. What I do know is that not one American apostle or prophet had the foreknowledge from God—of any of these worldwide history-changing developments. That’s very curiousContinue reading “Do You Know What Lies Ahead?”

Be Circumspect With Your Language

Should anyone speak in God’s name in a public setting, or speak for God, he must be circumspect with his language all the time. No one can afford to be careless or lazy with the belief that, ‘they know what I mean’… The stakes are always serious. Regarding the invasion of Ukraine, read my remarks below; afterwards, clickContinue reading “Be Circumspect With Your Language”

Scriptural Illiteracy Must Be Taken Seriously

“There were also false prophets just as there will be false teachers among you.”  ~2 Peter 2:1. Regrettably, many people are still Scripturally-illiterate and when their itching ears get scratched they find it to be a fun experience… Worse, there are some who prophesy right out of their own imaginations… Last week, a Youtube channelContinue reading “Scriptural Illiteracy Must Be Taken Seriously”

Ivermectin Born-Again

Although I’m not a laboratory scientist, indulge me as I give new first-hand evidence on the use of Ivermectin by our Church family. I will only use pseudonyms. First, as I’ve previously recorded on both websites WordPress and Quora, Ivermectin is one of the most important drugs ever discovered for human use and health. Ivermectin isContinue reading “Ivermectin Born-Again”

The Lamb Is Our Lamp

I was dialoguing with my niece who works near us in a busy Law Office about the number of hours people sleep each night… My very busy Silicon Valley niece is happy to get 5 hours of sleep each night. When I learned that, I told her that even today, I still need 8-hours of sleep eachContinue reading “The Lamb Is Our Lamp”

The Science From New Zealand Is Very Plain

Did you know? –New Zealand is an interesting real-world experiment on the effects of the vaccine…  After locking themselves out from the rest of the world and then attempting to strictly eliminate Covid as a variable, New Zealanders then commenced a mass vaccination campaign. What was learned? There was an increase in mortalities. New ZealandContinue reading “The Science From New Zealand Is Very Plain”

Obedience Is Greatly Abused

The deaconess and I find in the liberal atmosphere which permeates Western culture, that obedience has been greatly abused as an excuse for evil. Yet, obedience is a virtue. So how does a faithful Christian obey civil superiors when they perpetrate evil policies or laws? I am not speaking for God because I’m not God’sContinue reading “Obedience Is Greatly Abused”

Newborn Infant Found Among Puppies

In India, a mother dog found, and then guarded an abandoned newborn baby in a field. Villagers found the abandoned infant after hearing her cry… And, per the article in the Indian Express: “A newborn baby was abandoned in an isolated area in Chhattisgarh, and later rescued after a dog took care of her for the night.Continue reading “Newborn Infant Found Among Puppies”