Do You Know What Lies Ahead?

What lies ahead?

_First, came the Wuhan virus.
_Second, came the Lockdowns.
_Third, came depressions and the suicides.
_Fourth, came the ‘vaccine’.
_Fifth, came the mandates—obey, or lose your job.
_Sixth, came the war in Europe.

Do you wonder what comes next?

No one knows.

What I do know is that not one American apostle or prophet had the foreknowledge from God—of any of these worldwide history-changing developments. That’s very curious from an apocalyptic perspective (students of prophecy, pay attention).

The only true prophecy that you and I can lay hold of for certain is that there will be apostasy, heresies, persecution, falling away, —and the love of many will grow cold.

If you are not Bible-literate you will be surprised and completely unprepared. These are not my sentiments, these sentiments are directly from God through apostle Paul’s warnings found in his epistles to young Timotheus, to the Thessalonians, and in Peter’s epistles too. Have you consulted these recently? You must.

Revival is not prophesied in the epistles, nor in the Gospels. Instead, tribulations and falling away are predicted by Jesus and Paul.

Always compare what you believe or what you are told, to the word of God—the only reliable prophecy for what lies ahead (God understands human nature better than you do).

Finally, you must find faithful Christians and take to fellowshipping with them and seek prayer… Take nothing for granted under this omnipresent New Evil Order.

/St. George of Hyperlink ✞


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