Be Circumspect With Your Language

Dutch Sheets discusses different topics

Should anyone speak in God’s name in a public setting, or speak for God, he must be circumspect with his language all the time. No one can afford to be careless or lazy with the belief that, ‘they know what I mean’… The stakes are always serious.

Regarding the invasion of Ukraine, read my remarks below; afterwards, click on each blue time-stamp next to the remark to hear the ideas the Youtube clergyman presented.

1:30 Evil was already present (and in the Garden of Eden, no less) before Adam and Eve sinned not after they sinned. Indeed, it was the [evil] serpent that approached an unsuspecting Eve. Consult the account in Genesis Chapter 3.
/Bible literacy is essential.

1:43 God’s sovereignty is entirely independent of man’s “cooperation” otherwise God could never exercise sovereign actions, as He pleases. Consult Daniel’s account in the lion’s den… There, God’s sovereignty prevented the lion attacks against Daniel.
/Bible literacy is our key.

4:18 the Biden group did not fail with sanctions. Biden failed long before that… Vlad The Impaler recognized weakness in Biden—even before he was put in the White House—a weakness that was not in President Trump. President Trump was the deterrence against Vlad’s invasion plans while Biden’s weakness was the green light for Vladimir’s invasion.
/History Majors, pay attention.

8:32 Hint: the only “position” that men and women with Biblical world-views and values need to take, is the position of repentance—only then can God move on our nation’s behalf; (the ancient Israelites learned this time and again).

/St. George of Hyperlink ✞


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