Scriptural Illiteracy Must Be Taken Seriously

Emma Stark –scratching itching ears

“There were also false prophets just as there will be false teachers among you.”  ~2 Peter 2:1.

Regrettably, many people are still Scripturally-illiterate and when their itching ears get scratched they find it to be a fun experience… Worse, there are some who prophesy right out of their own imaginations… Last week, a Youtube channel came up in my recommendations.

Read my remarks below, and afterwards, click on each blue time-stamp next to each remark, to hear the ideas that Jim Bakker’s guest publicly declared.

0:06 No… two millennia ago the “era of the Holy Spirit” officially began and was given to the New Testament Church in a dramatic way, cf. Acts Chapter 2… Please consult the Scriptures before making false proclamations in a public forum. This is an example of why Christians should always compare the Word of God with what people are saying in the name of God.

00:20 “We have been Father, Son and Holy Scriptures for so long” … But that is not a problem. Mrs. Stark, please be reminded that Jesus is the eternal Word of God. The problem really is that Christians are Holy-Scripture-illiterate. Just before Jesus left His disciples, He made a promise to send a Helper who would guide Christians into all Truth… … We must not trust every word of others, but try the “prophecy” whether it be of God or from another spirit… The Biblical literacy of the audience is so weak that they quickly accepted this “pearl” of wisdom without question. verybigsigh…

I will leave the rest of her short discussion for you as an exercise.

/St. George of Hyperlink


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