The Science From New Zealand Is Very Plain

Did you know? –New Zealand is an interesting real-world experiment on the effects of the vaccine… 

After locking themselves out from the rest of the world and then attempting to strictly eliminate Covid as a variable, New Zealanders then commenced a mass vaccination campaign. What was learned?

There was an increase in mortalities. New Zealand experienced a surge in what they refer to as ‘all-cause’ mortality in the 60+ group and it nearly perfectly correlates with vaccinations. The results show: More jabs = more deaths; fewer jabs = fewer deaths. 

I give the hyperlink here:

This is an amazing development and you might think that these results would be looked into with a lot of interest… But, strangely, responses from New Zealand’s health authorities show they are not interested.

It has been coming to light that we are being tricked even as more people realize that two jabs do not work well against any variants—but neither do three jabs or more.

And while the media works on its tired campaign of trying to arouse more fear over delta, omicron and all the rest, the CDC has admitted that omicron is a lot less deadly and milder than delta.

The truth is the vaccine myth has been fully shredded, and yet the government’s agenda marches on—but I wonder, how much longer? … I dare say even high school students can understand the science presented by the PhD author in the link I provided; behold:

Just take a look at Dr. Hatchard’s graph in the link—

_When the number of vaccination doses start to slope upward (the brown lines) the deaths slope upward too (purple lines);

_When the vaccine doses reach a peak, the deaths follow and also peak;

_Finally when the vaccine doses drop, the deaths follow the downward slope and they drop too…and yet these results draw no curiosity from New Zealand’s health officials(!)

Saints, if you’ve received the vaccine, be vigilant in prayer, because everyone who receives covid vaccines may very well be under obligation to keep everything the medical State decrees in order to stay ‘fully vaccinated’.

/St. George of Hyperlink 


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