Newborn Infant Found Among Puppies

Infant survived with the warmth of a litter of puppies

In India, a mother dog found, and then guarded an abandoned newborn baby in a field. Villagers found the abandoned infant after hearing her cry… And, per the article in the Indian Express:

“A newborn baby was abandoned in an isolated area in Chhattisgarh, and later rescued after a dog took care of her for the night. While people fumed over the baby being left in a field, the story of compassion shown by the animal is warming hearts.”

It’s astonishing that this infant, without clothes, was found by a mother dog who gave her warmth the whole night and helped her survive the chilly winter.

But do you know what this unfortunate story immediately brought to mind? … Adoption, —our own adoptions into the family of God (hopefully adoption by a loving family is in this infant’s future)…

Think about it—among the most practical things God bestows on us in Christ is the blessing of adoption. We’ve been brought into God’s family and made God’s children.

Our prayer here in Silicon Valley is that abandoned infants, or even abandoned minor children, can one day, as adults after a born-again experience, receive the Spirit of adoption and cry, “Abba! Father” (cf. Romans Chapter 8), because concerning their future status, they will no longer be abandoned nor strangers and aliens but “members of the Household of God” (cf. Ephesians Chapter 2)…

/St. George of Hyperlink


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